Cyber Security Hygiene Assessments

Trying to keep up with the ever-increasing array of platforms being integrated into your organisation can quickly become complicated. Combining that with the evolving flexible remote-working requirements has resulted in a dramatic increase in network complexity and what’s being asked of your IT departments. Gone are the days of static networks managing only a handful of desktops and printers in the workplace. In line with today’s complex network requirements, there is an increased need to provide IT managers and business executive with visible security monitoring, identity management and end-point control across entire networks.

A comprehensive cyber security posture assessment must look at your entire cyber perimeter, including cloud services, BYOD and IoT devices. With the average cost of a data breach reaching AUD $5.24M; businesses can no longer afford the reputational and financial losses borne out of simple phishing attacks or sophisticated ransomware attacks.


By engaging E2E Security, you are choosing to incorporate industry proven practices, backed by military-grade cyber experience.


When it comes to understanding the cyber risks your organisation faces, the first step is conducting a cyber hygiene assessment. We work with you to understand your current environment and network topology as well as the policies and procedures in place for security events.


We then identify the risks and translate your cyber risk profile to suit the business functionality of your organisation.

1. Establish a baseline

We work with you to determine the most valuable assets and data that need protecting, and who has access to these assets.

This is done by evaluating your servers, network and web applications.

2. Identify Risks

By determining your technical assets, we can highlight the areas in your business stack that are most at risk.

Ensuring your most valuable digital assets are sufficiently protected against security risks.

3. Respond Effectively

By implementing remediation systems and activities, the risk of damage is reduced, and response time is improved by ensuring you have the right incident response plan in place.

It is time to take Action

In the past, many small to mid-sized organisations have opted out of conducting external security assessments. By ignoring the importance of these assessments, threat actors have been able to compromise an alarming portion of businesses. External assessments are ultimately an investment towards maintaining your organisation’s business-critical assets and reputation.

Whether your organisation is looking to safeguard its technical assets or public image, or simply looking to be proactive about security – E2E Security is here to assist and guide you towards a secure future.