E2E is a holistic, single-contact security advisory service which develops and implements custom security solutions for complex environments. Our service encompasses the entire security project life-cycle, from assessment to monitoring and maintenance.


At E2E Security we begin by conducting a detailed and highly specialised assessment of your site’s security needs, including high-resolution aerial imaging, whole-site 3D modelling, and risk and vulnerability identification.


Our team at E2E Security will then recommend risk mitigation solutions, and provide detailed itemised quotes for each recommended solution. We complement the recommended infrastructure and environment upgrades with recommendations for optimising operational guidelines to support best practice.


Our team at E2E Security will then do the legwork of arranging and acquiring the products and services that complement the agreed solution, so our clients can get on with their day-to-day business knowing we have the project in hand. We prioritise implementing the solution without disrupting your operations.

monitoring and maintenance

The E2E Security team doesn’t walk away after implementation. We are with you for the long haul. We provide ongoing support options including back-to-base monitoring services, user training, system support and maintenance plans.