Cyber Solutions

The business landscape continues to evolve rapidly demanding more sophisticated and secure networks, cloud integration and flexible options for employees working remotely. As a result, your organisation's risk profile is no longer limited to the physical realm and requires detailed consideration in securing your online presence and business network. Insufficient cyber security hygiene can result in costly operational setbacks, financial losses, regulatory fines and severe reputational damage.

Security Hygiene Assessments​

Evaluate the status of your organisation’s cyber security posture and safeguard your technical and digital assets.

Managed Cyber Security​

Outsource your cyber security program to cyber experts and protect against sophisticated attackers and advanced threats.


It’s important to understand and ensure your data is protected. But where should you begin?
Now more than ever before, businesses are aware of the need to invest in cyber security but don’t necessarily know where to start or if this can be achieved internally utilizing their existing IT department. At E2E Security, we are committed to delivering every customer with an end-to-end security program encompassing all facets of their cyber posture.

Our combined expertise in military, cyber and engineering underpins our ability to identify and mitigate cyber security risks across your entire business stack. Utilizing a single-contact approach, you can focus on your day-to-day while we focus on delivering you a fit-for-purpose cyber security program that can scale as your organisation grows.
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Key Features and Benefits


We monitor your entire technical portfolio to ensure it is protected and work with you to ensure new systems are protected as they’re onboarded

Initial assessments are built upon as your organisation evolves, curated by expert analysts


Ongoing monitoring of your cyber risk portfolio protects you and your business

The identification of key risk areas allows our team to focus on the risks that matter most and filter out the noise from irrelevant data

Actionable Data

Data is irrelevant if it does not provide actionable insights into limiting your cyber risk profile

This actionable data empowers fully formed recommendations tailored to your organisation by cyber risk experts


Being able to respond to mission-critical cyber risks more effectively and efficiently, while also reducing resource and expertise constraints within your business

Our actionable data allows the swift delivery of remediation actions

Increased Visibility

Giving your organisation a clear overview of the attack surfaces

Proactive defence against threats

Broader and deeper management and monitoring of interconnected systems

Improved Relationships

Translate your cyber risk profile into business terms for your organisation

Work directly with your software and security vendors to improve your overall security posture

Often by incorporating 3rd party applications, cloud technologies and remote workers into your business stack you risk compromising sensitive areas and or data within your organisation. In short, your overall security posture is solely dependent on the security control and practices that are put in place.

In our experience, we have found that organisations are not always fully equipped or aware of the required security controls to prevent unauthorised access or modification and dissemination of data housed within their technical stack and network.

How confident are you that sufficient security defences are properly considered and deployed within your network? By engaging with E2E Security, you are choosing to incorporate industry proven practices tailored to your specific organisation.