At E2E Security, we are the future of security advisory services – adaptable, innovative and customer-focused, with a commitment to a customised, comprehensive, end-to-end approach for every client. We combine expertise from our military and engineering backgrounds with a friendly and professional approach to provide a premium service that is also cost-effective. Our deep and wide-ranging experience underpins our ability to solve complex problems creatively and think outside the box.

Our Team

Daniel Glick

Lead Engineer
Daniel is a Director and Lead Engineer at E2E-Security, with fifteen years’ experience in infrastructure, public safety and security. Starting with a Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering, Daniel worked at General Motors, where he quickly developed a passion for innovation and forward-thinking engineering. Working in advanced vehicle development, he was involved in developing next-gen police pursuit vehicles and global vehicle platforms.
Daniel then turned his passion for innovation to major public safety projects, leading engineering and project teams internationally. In 2014, in a collaboration between the Royal Family of Bahrain and Australia’s National Safety Agency, he led an engineering team on a three year development project, implementing country-wide traffic management infrastructure that saw a 40% reduction in road fatalities in Bahrain. More recently, Daniel established, and now directs, a $30M capital infrastructure fund to upgrade security and connect community buildings in the Victorian Jewish community.
Daniel Glick E2E Security Director
Gav Hill E2E Security Director

Gav Hill

Project Director
Gav is a Director and Project Director at E2E-Security, with ten years’ experience in military service, tech start-ups, critical infrastructure and public safety. Gav served for three years as a Senior Sergeant and certified medic in Israel’s Airborne Special Forces. His military service equipped him with deep skills in tactical analysis and best-practice security methodologies, which fuels his strategic, out-the-box thinking in addressing civil security and public safety.
Gav spent two years as a fraud and loss prevention analyst at ride-share start-up Juno. Focusing on loss prevention incurred via rider and driver fraud, his work ensured Juno remained agile and competitive in an extremely fast-paced industry, with the company selling for $200 million in 2017. Gav has extensive experience in tech start-ups, as a customer care manager and L1-L2 communications and systems integrator. These roles draw on his talent for combining people skills and technical and analytical skills to bridge gaps between non-technical and technical people, procedures and systems.
Since moving to Australia, Gav has been Lead Project Manager overseeing a $30M capital infrastructure fund to upgrade security and connect community buildings in the Victorian Jewish community.