Managed Cyber Security

Whether you’re looking to safeguard your business image, or simply create a more robust security program, our managed security services are here to help. Businesses that have invested time and resources into protecting their technical business stack are finding it increasingly more complex to navigate the ever-evolving toolkit of cyber threat actors. Networks and systems have shifted from basic topologies to an equally as complex surface, exponentially increasing the attack surface within your organisation.

Traditional cyber security controls must be complemented with advanced analytic tools and monitored by cyber analysts to maintain a strong defence against today’s well-equipped threat actors. Our services provide holistic intelligence and elite cyber security professionals to utilise the best-in-class tools to provide a robust security presence for your organisation.


Depending on your security risk profile, your organisation might be targeted by:


  • Industrial cyber espionage
  • Organised cybercrime
  • Nation-state attackers


E2E Security’s Managed Security Program focuses on delivering the best-suited security program for your organisation via the following services:

Security professional on computer

24/7 Security Operations Centres

Our global security operations centres are staffed by former government, military, and private sector experts, meaning they are ready to respond to a security incident long after your staff have gone home. Reducing the response time and limiting the impact of a security incident.  

Web Impersonation Protection

Web impersonation monitoring for threat actors deploying social engineering to impersonate your organisation to deceive clients or employees.

Managed End Point Protection

Discovery, management and monitoring of all endpoints inclusive of customer notification of security and device health events.


Advanced Threat Intelligence

We leverage proprietary, open-source and deep web intelligence through our entire product suite to enrich investigations, expedite incident triage and conduct threat intelligence. This translates into near instant identification and remediation of security events reducing the risk of data loss and business disruption.


Due to the ever-shifting nature of threat actor sophistication and rising costs required to run a fully-fledged in-house security program, companies are opting to utilise managed security services. This decision has benefited many companies in cost savings, valuable time and resources.