What is a Security Management Plan?

What is a Security Management Plan?

Who Might Need a Security Management Plan?

Entities and organisations will frequently have a security management plan that outlines various responsibilities, roles and actions in reference to their protective security arrangements. These security management plans are created as the results of security risk assessments and frequently link into other organisational plans such as a strategic plan.

For these organisations, a security management plan provides the leaders with the chance to outline the importance of security as well as coordinate security resources effectively. They enable leaders to emphasise the necessity for effective security risk management and hence, promote a safer workplace as well as facilitating the protection of assets.

What is the Purpose of a Security Management Plan?

A security management plan outlines how security should be implemented across an organisation. This could include how security resources are coordinated, how sensitive information is protected, how sensitive information can be distributed, managing effective working relationships, anticipating likely events and how to respond to any event or incident. The events outlined in a security management plan range from seemingly trivial things like building access,  to events such as bomb threats and workplace violence.

Having a security management plan in place allows for early identification, assessment and treatment of security risks. In addition, it allows for the prevention of these events by effectively implementing the organisation’s security resources. Hence, an effective security management plan leads to a safer workplace for employees and hence, installs a true sense of security within an organisation.

How is a security management plan created?

The most fundamental step in creating an effective security management plan is intelligence. It is critical to the decision making needed to create an appropriate plan and hence is also the first step taken. From there further security risk management and security threat assessments are performed in order to create a clear picture of any potential threats. After all their relevant information is collected, a security management plan can be formed, the plan will address each point raised during the intelligence collection process.

How Can E2E Security Help?

Our team at E2E Security has extensive experience in public safety and security among a range of other relevant expertise. They will inform you of the steps required and perform the intelligence collection phase before creating an effective security management plan for your organisation.

If you are in need of a security management plan, let’s talk.

If you are in need of a security management plan, let's talk.